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With a sultry, timeless quality, Angela’s voice is unparalleled.  She subtly incorporate the essence of Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughn, and Whitney Houston, yet she mannages to emerge with a sound that is distinctly her own.  Beautiful and classy, yet funky, Angela is a legend in the making. 


The Voice of Angel is a classically trained singer, dancer and actress, who wows American and international music connoisseurs and critics with her impressive vocal range and stage presence. Her impeccable style is an admixture of Opera, Funk, Gospel and Rhythm & Blues.  In addition to being an in-demand singer, ANGELA is also an in-demand songwriter and arranger.  Her debut album LOVE ANTHOLOGY only scratches the surface of her inevitable legacy.


ANGELA, native of Houston, Texas, studied at Texas Christian University as a vocal major.  During her time in Fort Worth, she made a name for herself by performing and acting at local venues.  She later moved to New York to pursue her career, and was discovered by World-Renowned drummer, Victor Jones.  By his side, Angela began to sing and work with artists such as Wynton Marsalis, Jean Carne, Jessica Simpson, TKA K7, Gamble and Huff, Florence & the Machine, and most recently Josh Groban.


ANGELA recorded Love Anthology shortly after, and began touring Europe.  She has comfortably performed in such houses as The Lincoln Center, The Zinc Bar, Minton’s Playhouse, and Lenox Lounge in New York.  She is featured on Sirius XM broadcasts as a Soloist, and has appeared in several televisions shows such as Disney's ABC Special, The Today Show, Rachel Ray and Saturday Night Live.


Currently, while recording her second album, ANGELA is a Catholic Cantor at two of the most influential Catholic churches in Manhattan, and she is also doing charity operas to raise money for the people of Haiti.  In addition, Angela is involved in several international programs bridging musical gaps in Ireland (Connecting Musicality), Australia (Vocal Workshops), and Africa (Sankusem in Ghana).


ANGELA is a true renaissance woman.  Concert hall, theatre or choir loft, Angela's voice has the power to connect with various audiences across all lines. Once you have heard her, you will never be the same!



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