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Today we live in a world of choices, decisions and ultimatums that dictate ones LIFE. Sure you may think your doing things of your free will or your own choice but that is always NOT the case. Though I am not a psychologist or a person whom studied philosophy, beyond the required courses for college, other than that LIFE has been my teacher for its track record can not be shown on walls of houses or offices but its shown through each person. Going through life you understand that some like to be structured and others wing it...

My personal assumption of life is this: We are all connected to make the whole. Our combined human/ animal/ non living/ living energies combine on the Motherboard of existence. Prime example let say your bloodline was the first essential battery, thus as generations (batteries) get old they need to be replaced so that the Motherboard survives it daily cycle. Each battery gets better with each generation. Their outlook, knowledge and understanding of modern science and technology pushes the Motherboard further into the FUTURE. Through the constant change there are always constants that reinforce the constants need on the whole.

From this perspective I started to realize the two type of conductors and the energies they give off, which if harnessed by the right mechanisms on the board they give you FREQUECIES...(I'm am no way near a scientist so don't write this as a answer for your SCI paper or exam...) the frequent actions of one whom comes with certain energy.

The structured follow the protocols of life, because it was passed down by your first teachers life has to offer your parents/family. these are the people that set your foundation or in the case of this blog...SET YOUR FREQUENCY....the way you walk talk and carry yourself comes from the stages of life we go through. My method (again my method) of comprising these stages are every 7 years of your life you go through a change i.e. 0-7 your a baby 7-14 your a kid 14-21 Adolescent/Young Adult 21-28 the time of your 30's you have set your own frequency pattern to attract the energy suited for your energy. (thats why opposites attract????) No one wants to be with themselves...think about it.

The wing -it have a grasp of the structured but fall short in the completion of one or all stages of life. Since their frequency isn't set the energy they have is bounced from conductor to conductor until the frequency is comfortable. Then a simple charge or discharge can damage the conductor, leaving the frequency to quest again, which ultimately burns energy killing the battery with no replacement. the factors are so numerous that it will take a whole new invention to fully understand.

Now here is where things get cleared or jammed..(frequency talk). The replacement of the battery for majority of the races runs smooth, the transition of the core batteries function is stored in books and places such as Museums art galleries Computers and TV's and now phones, Tablets and chips. the branding of the frequency are embedded in batteries not yet made. Tampered free clear cut lineage can be found and its energy reproduced for years to come.

I realized that my battery has to be reactivated with new material in order to reconnect the frequency needed for us to recontribute to the whole and reclaim the FREE-Quency that makes us the MAIN FRAME of the Motherboard.....

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