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In life you learn life through various analogies, some make sense as soon as you hear it, others just hit you when it actually is applied. While having a regular convo with one of my great friends and business partners I came up with an analogy that is tailored for the entertainment business at the same time it is a daily handbook of how to think about the situation from a new perspective. that perspective his called the Bowl-D Theory.

The Bowl-D theory sounds just as it reads BOLD with a slight play on words to for fill its intentions. The theory is that no matter what's in the Bowl (The DREAM/Goal) it won't CHANGE your purpose of the BOWL (The Person). To simplify this is basically saying you as the bowl has its purpose its constant, it what we designed our self to be. We constantly are driving by whats inside the bowl purely on an instantaneous instinctive level, i.e if you have HOT SOUP in your bowl your cautious to touch, you take care cause the content may burn, you eat slowly until its at a comfortable temp then all is well. The Soup was a problem, reaction and solve process that we all go through when we come across new problems, stresses from creating new art or just making life decisions.

Next is The Cereal, everyone loves cereal....the theory of the bowl and cereal is complex. Here not only is the choice of cereal but the way it is readied, prepared and then eating. All of these things again are happening inside the BOWL. Where as Soup helped to nurture, to warm, to cautiously understand until it is just right to consume/comprehend. Cereal is more of your mode, your style, the way you look at the world or a non life decision, i.e the start to ones thought, the creative inspiration, the first gear turning in the mechanism of soul. Safe to say the cereal represents the spirit/essence of the BOWL.

In this method the way you ready your bowl for the cereal is important. The Bowl must be cleaned (rested); spoon size varies, but that determines how much your willing to intake and how long you plan to spend on the Cereal, now you readied your bowl you must prepare it in a unique way that is not only presentable for the eyes, it is also pleasing to the palette (the mind). The debate of which goes first the milk or the cereal is an ol' individualized past down tradition. The amount of time the both mingle in the bowl before consumption is also passed down. In rear occasions is soggy cereal consumed with passion, hence it is the individuals own drive determination and uniqueness thats helps define the cereal.

To simplify the cereal, just think of when your at a new point in life you have all your unique qualities that have gotten you to this point. Your BOWL is being filled with all the things of comfort and aspiration, you get that perfect mix of encouragement and inspiration and you start to engulf to where it gives you the energy to create and think in a positive productive manner. If done right the BOWL will be emptied only to refilled, with a formulated mixture. If any stage is not done with the uniqueness the results are more than likely SOGGY at best...

This leads to the last thing the BOWL theory holds and thats TREATS. No one knows what inside the bowl unless it spills or the person eating (learning) from the BOWL reveals its content, this is where the TREAT comes in. The bowl may hold many secrets that only the learner will find out by engaging with the BOWL. A mere Ice-cream topping can reveal a warm piece of pie at that bottom. Contents in soup may contain meat and potatoes or even rice. Cereal may have raw fruit or added stimulants to enhance the moment/meal.

the idea is that we all are BOWLS and no matter what we fill it with we are all considered bowls until we share with each other.....All things Learned must be Taught and all things Taught must be experienced....


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