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Language of the Leaders

There is a pace for the voiceless. there is a story that is so commonly heard that it seems to be a myth but heavily based in reality. The thought process of communication comes into play due to one's experience and level of thinking one is about. From the mind of a Leading Lady in her own right, Angela Watson- Modeste, comes a story adopted to a scripted podcast. TRENCH, one of the main characters, has returned to Brooklyn to help his Father like friend G, run his church. During his return Trench wants to give back to his community by organizing his Friends (Pope, Rico and Corey) to help. He meets his old flame/friend Yessenia and things pick up from there... Angela story is set in real time , loosely hinting on true events and things that are affecting the community here in NY and abroad. We have assembled an assortment of ARTIST/ACTORS/SINGERS/DESIGNERS, to contribute to this project. Each Character is played by our community of Entertainment. Find out what G has planned in store for Trench and how does Trench look to take back community and rekindle the flame that is Yessenia. Not to mention Trench has been dealing with and internal struggle that only he and the LORD knowns of...will coming back to the hood bring all those thoughts fears and anxiety back .....Tune in to find out.....

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